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Year of the X

We are a community of innovators and diverse thinkers who are willing to take risks in order to make an impact on the world. Our core values are diversity and intimacy. Markus, the founder of YOTX lived in Sydney, San Francisco, Barcelona and Munich. Throughout his travels he came to the realization that no matter where we are, we put barriers up, mask our fears and embody politics. Overcoming stigma and bringing the elephants on the table has become the mission of the company.






Our mission

Everything is changing: our companies are becoming more agile and responsive. Our education system needs to foster emotional intelligence, digital competency and project-based learning. And our society requires us to accept diversity and intimacy and become more community-focussed. Our aim is to help move our society to the next level with more integrated mindsets and stronger ties to the community.

Why the Chinese horoscope?

We chose the Chinese horoscope because it reflects the ever-changing nature of our world. Nothing is constant, everything flows! Each animal in the horoscope has its unique character set and so the name of our festival changes every year in accordance with the current Chinese new year. We started with the Year of the Goat which was all about overcoming our goat-like stubbornness and resistance. Then came the monkey, a playful animal which likes to experiment. This year marks the rooster, an animal which displays tremendous courage and does not take no for an answer.




Blending content & people

Delivering tech, business and mindfulness through a diverse set of speakers and participants

Intimate formats

Hosting new innovative formats which make people feel like friends

Physical space

Buying a mountain hut to foster community

Blending work & play

Running formats on mountain huts, boats and in holiday locations

Practical and execution-focussed

Running interactive workshops and retreats to translate ideas into action

What we actually do?

Our services

1. Innovations Festivals on topics from future of tech to personal development and mindfulness.

2. Workshops, Inhouse events and Keynotes for companies around innovation and digital mindsets.

3. Innovation Retreats on mountain huts, hobbit houses and boats with diverse set of people.


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Here we are





Lived and worked in Sydney and the Silicon Valley, experienced in Startups, Agencies, and Consulting. Media Executive with many years of experience in global Business Development, lean Startup and building strong communities.





4+ years experience in Design, Project Management, Digital Trainer, Moderator.




Creative industries graduate, freelance visual designer, 3+ years experience in creative marketing field, ( future creative director :) ) with strong planning skills and a passion for making things done in a right way.




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